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Betsy Pisik



Resolved: Uniting Nations in a Divided World

I am co-writing UNSG Ban Ki-moon's memoir, a candid account of his UN tenure and beyond.
Columbia University Press Link to Story

Polio's Deadly Return

Polio was nearly eradicated -- until a Nigerian province declared the vaccine "unIslamic."
Int'l Reporting Project Link to Story

Halting an Epidemic: Polio in Nigeria

Betsy Pisik traveled to Nigeria, to report on Islamic resistance to the polio vaccine.
YouTube Link to Story

Where is the Landmark Lawsuit for Cannabis?

Marriage equality and abortion became the law of the land with Supreme Court wins. Marijuana? Link to Story

Congo: Rape as a weapon of war

I spent six weeks in Eastern Congo to report on rape as a weapon of war. This is the first of a six-part series.
The Washington Times Link to Story

Benazir's exclusive interview

I interviewed Pakistani political icon Benazir Bhutto two weeks before her assassination.
The Washington Times Link to Story

Detained by Hezbollah, southern Lebanon

Hezbollah held me during the 2006 Lebanon war, curious about Americans, Israel and colleges
The Washington Times Link to Story

Lebanese casualties buried in mass graves, awaiting peace

Dozens of Lebanon's dead were temporarily interred in mass graves awaiting return to their villages.
The Washington Times Link to Story

California's Prop 64: Disappointing Results

CA's Prop 64 created the world's largest legal cannabis market in the heart of the largest black market.
Green Entrepreneur Link to Story

24H in Yarmouk Hospital, Baghdad

A day in the life of Baghdad's Yarmouk teaching hospital, where medicine is nearly impossible.
The Washington Times Link to Story

Pak. women are winning small political, social gains

21st Century Pakistani women seek political, social gains in a traditional society.
The Washington Times Link to Story

The Geopolitics of Oil and Gas

Energy expert Adam N. Stulberg says the US will never be independent.
Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine Link to Story


Betsy Pisik

I’ve just finished my first book and I’m looking forward to my next writing adventure!

I’m a Pulitzer-nominated journalist with a background in foreign affairs, international development, public health, the United Nations, investor relations, investigative reporting and the $60 billion legal cannabis industry.

Columbia University Press this spring published UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's memoir, "Resolved: Uniting Nations in a Divided World." The book has also been published in Korea and India, and will be the basis for a forthcoming documentary.

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